Our Menu

Bavarian Soft Pretzel
with house beer mustard and pickles
Tyrolean Bratwurst
with juniper spiced smoked speck, beer
sauerkraut and chive sour cream
Classic Bench Meatballs
with tomato sauce, fresh parm, garlic and
herb crostini
Belgian Double Chocolate Cookie
with sea salt
Smores Kit
ingredients for 4 smores






Munchie Trio:

Sea salt and fennel spiced potato chips with smoked pepper aioli, house beer nut clusters, spanish marinated olives


Warm buttered pretzel, house mustard, pickles and baby watercress


Hummus with tomato-chili and spring onion salad, extra virgin olive oil and toasted pita


 Pork and Ginger dumplings, ponzu sauce, sesame, scallion and radish salad


Oven roasted Cajun rubbed chicken wings, buttermilk-blue cheese dressing, celery and carrot salad


 Daily Soup. Ask your server for details




Rustic Italian with marinated artichoke, chickpeas and romaine hearts. Sopressatta, pecorino, red onion, olive oil and focaccia croutons


Iceberg lettuce, smoked bacon, buttermilk-blue cheese dressing, herbed egg salad, marinated cherry tomatoes, toasted garlic and herb breadcrumbs


Baby kale and arugula with celeriac, apple, pickled beets, whipped ricotta cheese, toasted hazelnuts and maple mustard vinaigrette





 (all sandwiches are served alongside field green salad with shaved raw veg and maple mustard vinaigrette)

Overnight Pastrami with cider cabbage, aged swiss and stone mustard aioli


Overnight Porchetta with roasted peppers, caramelized onions, pecorino cheese, parsley and arugula pesto on De La Terre Ciabatta


Vegan Bánh mì with BBQ tempeh, chickpea and miso, cashew-coconut “cream”, pickled veg and fresh mint




(sub BBQ tempeh for brisket or pork to make the dish vegetarian)

 Bench spiced nachos with BBQ brisket, cotija cheese, lime crema, salsa verde, fresh tomato salsa, pickled jalapeno and fresh coriander


Korean rice bowl with BBQ pork, quick kimchi, ginger-scallion rice, pickled cucumber and pineapple-chili salad


Braised lamb shank, herb roasted Yukon potatoes, root vegetables, red wine and natural jus


Baked macaroni and cheese with asiago, parmesan, bechamel sauce, and toasted herb breadcrumbs. Served with side field green salad with shaved raw veg.






1. Ball’s Falls Session IPA

ABV 4.5% | IBU 30 | 4oz $2.25 | 12oz $6
Dry-hopped for a juicy aroma of grapefruit and peach, it’s highly sessionable with a soft bitterness that delivers a balanced, dry finish.


2. Jordan Harbour Belgian Pale Ale

ABV 5.4% | IBU 35 | 4oz $2.25 | 12oz $6
Brewed in the Belgian style, this pale ale has delicate aromas of grapefruit, spice, with a dry, slightly bitter finish.


3. Lincoln Lager Helles Lager

ABV 4.4% | IBU 11 | 4oz $2.25 | 12oz $6
Lincoln Lager was designed to highlight the Bench water profile which lends perfect minerality to the style. Noble German hops create a balance of bitterness and malt.


4. Short Hills East Coast IPA
ABV 6.5% | IBU 40 | 4oz $2.50 | 12oz $6.25
This hazy IPA boasts juicy aromas of tropical fruit with a soft, round body and light bitterness. 


5. No Coast IPA

ABV 5% | IBU 20 | 4oz $2.50 | 12oz $6.25
A small batch IPA featuring characteristics of both East & West Coast styles! 
Smooth and Juicy with notes of mango, melon, coconut and sweet pine  


6. Green Fields Sour Ale

ABV 5.4% | IBU 5 | 4oz $2.50 | 12oz $6.25
Green Fields is a hazy, dry hoppped mixed fermentation ale that boasts bright aromas of lucious tropical fruit. Refreshingly tart and fruity with balanced bitterness.





7. Apricot Wildwood Barrel-aged Golden Sour
ABV 6.1% | IBU 5 | 4oz $3.50 | 12oz $8.25
Barrel-aged golden sour aged on Niagara Apricots. Bright aromas of stone fruit, marmalade tea and gooseberry.


8. Pinot Noir Wildwood Barrel-aged Golden  Sour 
ABV 9.6% | IBU 9 4oz $3.50 | 12oz $8.25
Aged in foeder and second use wine barrels, refermented on local Pinot Noir. Bright aromas of strawberries and cranberry with a tangy acidity and complexity that will develop with age.


9. Plum Darkwood Barrel-aged Dark Sour
ABV 6.8% | IBU 7 | 4oz $4 | 12oz $8.50
Barrel aged and finished on Niagara plums from our neighbours at Greenlane Farms. This dark sour displays light tannins and notes of stone fruit, dark chocolate and blueberry tea.


 10. Folklore on Cherries Dark Sour
ABV 7.3% | IBU 9 | 4oz $2.75 | 12oz $6.50
Dark sour ale finished on Montmorency cherries from our neighbours at Cherry Lane. With aromas of tart cherry and graham cracker, this dark sour has a tangy acidity balanced by soft, raisin malt sweetness.


11. Fortified Amber Canadian Whisky Barrel-aged Sour 
ABV 11% | IBU 5 | 4oz $3.50 | 12oz $8.25
Fortified is a small batch series featuring different expressions of Bench sour ales aged in barrels from Forty Creek. Fortified Amber is an award winning beer with notes of coffee, dried apricot and honeycomb that give way to a bright acidity and a velvety finish.  


12. Fortified Golden Canadian Whisky Barrel-aged Sour
ABV 10% | IBU 5 | 4oz $3.50 | 12oz $8.25
Fortified is a small batch series featuring different expressions of Bench sour ales aged in barrels from Forty Creek. Fortified is both bright in colour and flavour. Displaying notes of honeydew, ripe white grape and toasty oak, this golden sour boasts a lively forward acidity.




Welcome Back to the Brewery!

Please review our operational policies for limited contact and physical distancing

Upon arrival, please follow the orange arrows on the sidewalk to the Welcome Desk where our team will check you in.

The walkway leading up to the brewery will serve as a waiting / line-up area. We ask that you please wear a mask and keep your distance from other guests.

*All guests must sanitize their hands upon their arrival to Bench.*

Our maximum group size is 6 people. To ensure social distancing
and uphold our safety measures, we cannot split up groups who arrive with more than 6 people.

We have expanded our outdoor dining space with a new beer garden!

If there is a wait list, guests are kindly are asked to be patient and stay safely in their vehicle or in our designated waiting zones away from other guests. Our Welcome Team will let you know as soon as your table is ready.


All tables have been arranged to allow for 2m of space between guests of different groups.

*Please do not move or rearrange the furniture*

There will be no guests seated on the ends of tables to allow for physically distanced service by our staff.

To minimize foot traffic in the shared areas, guests are kindly asked to remain seated at their table for the duration of their stay unless using the washrooms.


Service ‘Zones’ have been created with pre-determined occupancy limits and all tables placed 2m apart


Our team members will be wearing PPE when interacting with you and will always be worn when we are delivering food and drinks to your table.

Our menu is available digitally. Guests can scan the QR codes provided to view our menu online.

* Free WiFi is available onsite *

Single use, recyclable menus are available if required.

Our service staff will deliver and remove all items on a tray for limited contact.

To-go containers will be provided for leftovers. Guests are asked to fill these themselves at the table.

If guests would like to purchase any beer to-go or Bench merchandise, you server will add it to your bill and bring it to the table.

The debit and credit card payment system will be brought to the table and sanitized after each use.
*We are only accepting one payment per group. This is for the safety of our staff, as splitting of bills increases the time that service staff is exposed to you*
*No cash will be accepted at this time*

Guests are asked to follow the orange directional signage to the parking lot when leaving.

As things evolve, we commit to remain proactive and diligent. We will continue to review and enhance our safety measures in order to provide our team and our guests with the most comfortable experience possible.

Please feel free to contact us directly at comeseeus@benchbrewing.com if you have any questions or feedback.

Again, our deepest thanks to our incredible team members and our amazing guests who continue to support us.
We’re excited to welcome you back to Bench Brewing.

The Bench Brewing Team