Bench Brewing Company Acquires Niagara Cider Company to Expand Local Craft Beverage Portfolio

Bench Brewing Company Acquires Niagara Cider Company to Expand Local Craft Beverage Portfolio

Acquisition brings together two Niagara based beverage businesses committed to producing high-quality craft beverages and supporting their community in an environmentally sustainable way. 

TOWN OF LINCOLN, ONTARIO, March 29, 2023 – Today, Bench Brewing Company and Niagara Cider Company, two leading local craft beverage producers, announced a partnership that will help Niagara Cider expand their production and distribution reach across Ontario. The acquisition, scheduled to close on March 29, will bring together the talents and expertise of both craft companies to produce high-quality, locally crafted beer and cider in Bench’s sustainable brewing facility in the Town of Lincoln. 

As part of Bench’s acquisition, the co-founders of Niagara Cider Company, Matt Dixon and Rich Houghton will remain actively involved in the business, bringing their cider expertise and commitment to innovation and quality to the expanded operation at Bench while maintaining the strong Niagara Cider brand. 

"We are thrilled to welcome Niagara Cider Company into the Bench family," said Matt Giffen, Founder of Bench Brewing Company. "Matt and Rich are true pioneers in the craft cider business, and we are excited to work with them to help bring their great ciders to more people across Ontario. Bringing their production into Bench Brewing’s production facility with our talented operations team, robust sales and distribution network, and 12 acres of apple orchards, we believe we can expand the reach of their delicious ciders and introduce them to even more customers." 

Niagara Cider Company has built a strong reputation for producing exceptional ciders using locally-sourced apples and ingredients from the Niagara region. With access to Bench Brewing Company's resources, they will be able to expand their production capacity and reach while maintaining their commitment to quality and innovation. 

"The Niagara Cider Company started as passion project for Rich and I beginning with the 2018 apple harvest,” said Matt Dixon, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Niagara Cider Company. "Since our first cider was released, we have been searching for a permanent home, and after getting to know Matt and the team, Bench could not have been a better fit. Bench shares our vision for creating amazing craft 

beverages using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients, and we are excited to work together to bring our cider to even more people across the province.” 

“We are excited to produce great ciders at our Bench facility, incorporating our estate grown cider apples and pouring our cider at our taproom location in the Town of Lincoln. This is a perfect fit and natural progression for Bench” said Kaitlin Vandenbosch, Director of Brewing and Beverage Operations at Bench Brewing. 

The acquisition will allow Bench Brewing Company to expand their portfolio of products at their taproom, the LCBO, licensed grocery stores and bars and restaurants to include products like Niagara Cider’s Rose Gold and No. 1 Dry. Niagara Cider Company will also be able to leverage Bench Brewing Company's operational resources to accelerate their growth. Both companies remain committed to producing high-quality craft beverages and supporting their community in an environmentally sustainable way. 

About Bench Brewing Company 

Bench Brewing is an independent, award-winning craft brewery located on 8 acres of farmland in the Niagara Benchlands. Situated in the heart of Niagara’s rural but sophisticated wine region, Bench is surrounded by some of Ontario’s finest agricultural land and grows their own hops and apples. Their location provides the ideal setting for crafting great, approachable beers and ciders that reflect its local terroir. 

Bench is a certified B Corporation and strives to be a leader in sustainability, having a zero-wastewater footprint and Carbon Neutral certification by BMO Radicle Climate Smart. 

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About Niagara Cider Company 

Beginning with the 2018 apple harvest Niagara Cider began from a combined desire of its two founders, Matt Dixon, and Rich Houghton, to craft dry, flavourful, and balanced ciders using the bounty of all the fruits that Niagara and Ontario have to offer. Niagara Cider has quickly become a top selling Ontario Craft Cider brand as well as winning multiple awards for their family of ciders. 

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