2023 Water Canada Awards

Econse Water Technologies and Bench Brewing Company Celebrate Prestigious Water Canada Award for Innovative Wastewater Project 

TOWN OF LINCOLN, ONTARIO, June 15, 2023 - As part of the 14th annual Water Canada Summit held in Ottawa on June 8, Econse Water Technologies (Hamilton, ON) and Bench Brewing Company (Lincoln, ON) were recognized as the winner of the 2023 Water Canada Award for Wastewater. This achievement highlights the remarkable impact of their Zero Wastewater Footprint initiative, showcasing the recycling of all production water onsite for non-potable reuse. 

The Water Canada Awards recognize exceptional efforts and ground-breaking advancements in sustainable water practices. Econse and Bench Brewing's collaborative project was selected for its pioneering results in ingenuity, effective treatment and commitment to reducing water pollution. 

"We are immensely proud of our partnership with Bench and congratulate them on this outstanding achievement," said Derek Davy, CEO of Econse Water Technologies. "This recognition reinforces our shared dedication to sustainable water practices and demonstrates the positive impact that can be made by adopting innovative solutions." 

Bench Brewing Company is an award-winning craft brewery renowned for its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable brewing practices. With Econse’s treatment system, Bench has successfully achieved a zero wastewater footprint by recycling 100 per cent of its brewing wastewater. Through this process, upwards of 50,000 litres a day is reused for purposes such as irrigating the brewery’s on-site hops field, apple orchard, and their neighbouring farms. 

"This award is a great acknowledgement of our commitment to environmental sustainability," said Matt Giffen, Founder of Bench Brewing Company. "It takes a lot of water to make beer, so our water mantra has always been to conserve, recycle and reuse everywhere we can. By partnering with Econse Water Technologies, we have not only eliminated our wastewater output completely, but we have also significantly reduced our overall water consumption. We are honoured to be recognized and remain dedicated to exploring more ways to brew sustainably in the future.” 

Econse Water Technologies' proprietary system employs cutting-edge technologies that treat and purify wastewater to meet stringent quality standards, making it suitable for safe reuse in various applications. This not only contributes to water conservation but also minimizes the strain on municipal water resources, making it an ideal solution for environmentally conscious industries. 

"We truly feel that the Zero Wastewater Footprint project with Bench is the gold standard for affordable wastewater treatment," said Davy. "We are committed to driving sustainable practices across various industries and look forward to continuing our partnership with Bench as they grow and explore more ways to brew sustainability.” 

This Water Canada Award highlights Econse’s leadership in the field of decentralized wastewater treatment solutions. By partnering with organizations like Bench Brewing, Econse is actively driving positive change and revolutionizing the way water is used, conserved, and treated. 

About Econse Water Technologies: 

Econse manufactures decentralized wastewater treatment solutions for niche industries to stop water pollution and slow the effects of climate change, helping industries and communities grow sustainably. The BrüClean System was designed specifically for the craft brewing industry to help address their unique wastewater challenges. 

For more information about Econse Water Technologies and its solutions, please visit www.econse.com

About Bench Brewing Company: 

Bench Brewing is an independent, award-winning craft brewery located on 8 acres of farmland in the Niagara Benchlands. Situated in the heart of Niagara’s rural but sophisticated wine region, Bench is surrounded by some of Ontario’s finest agricultural land and grows their own hops and apples. Their location provides the ideal setting for crafting great, approachable beers and ciders that reflect its local terroir. 

Bench is a certified B Corporation and strives to be a leader in sustainability, having a zero-wastewater footprint and Carbon Neutral certification by BMO Radicle Climate Smart. 

To learn more about Bench’s sustainability journey, please visit www.benchbrewing.com 


For additional inquiries, please contact: 

Anthony D’Aprile, General Manager 
Bench Brewing Company